Each Thermomix® instruction manual includes everything you need to know about your Thermomix®, its settings and general capabilities and the comprehensive range of accessories. You’ll also find helpful advice on how to clean the product and its accessories and a useful section on technical information and troubleshooting.

The Thermomix® instruction manual is an extremely useful aid even when you are unsure of what to do for a specific cooking function. This instruction manual is really more of a Thermomix® guide that will be there for you in the case you ever had a doubt when using the machine.

Not only does the Thermomix® guide come in handy when using and discovering new features of your Thermomix®, but it’s also helpful to read the overview of the Thermomix® safety features.

We recommend that everyone read all instructions for important safety features before operating this appliance.

Every appliance comes with its own Thermomix ® instruction manual to have around the house. In case you misplace your manual or if you ever want a digital copy, it can be downloaded here:

Download TM5 Manual (PDF)

Pay close attention to the important safeguards. Watch this video and read all instructions in the manual.