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Recipe Chip
All the recipes in the Basic Cookbook that comes with your Thermomix are also on the Recipe Chip that attaches to the side of the machine for Guided Cooking on the touchscreen. You can purchase additional Recipe Chips to expand your repertoire.
Ambient Light
LED lights on the housing indicate whether Thermomix is preparing a cold dish -- flashing green -- or hot food -- flashing red as soon as the mixing bowl reaches 130°F. It's a smart safety feature to warn cooks and family members not to touch a hot mixing bowl.
Locking mechanism
When you start the Thermomix, the lid automatically locks while it runs and unlocks when it's done, so you can walk away while it does its thing. No more babysitting bubbling pots.
The Thermomix is run by the powerful, ultra-reliable motor that boasts continuously adjustable speed from 40-10,700 rpm to handle everything from stirring delicate sauces to crushing ice for velvety smoothies. There's even a special intermittent mode for kneading dough and a turbo setting for your toughest jobs.
Mixing Bowl
The sturdy, durable stainless-steel mixing bowl has a 2.3-quart capacity with a built-in heating system and temperature sensor so you can prep, combine and cook all in one appliance. It also holds a simmering basket so you can gently cook rice, pasta, vegetables and other ingredients free of the blade. Just weigh or measure ingredients directly into the mixing bowl and let Thermomix do the rest.
The innovative, full-color digital touchscreen is Thermomix's command central, allowing you to access recipes for step-by-step Guided Cooking, as well as select time, temperature and blade speed at the touch of a finger. If you can use a tablet or smartphone, you've already mastered the Thermomix touchscreen.
The selector knob turns the machine on and off. You also can dial in the exact time, temperature and blade speed you need for whatever you're cooking.
Thermomix features an ultra-sensitive integrated scale so you can weigh ingredients directly into (or on top of) the mixing bowl for prefect results every time (and no dirty measuring cup to wash). You can even weigh ingredients while cooking or mixing at low speeds.
Protection against overheating
Unlike ordinary blenders and food processors, Thermomix allows you to prep and cook in one compact appliance. And it boasts multilevel safety features to protect against overheating.
The blade is the heart of the Thermomix. Crafted in Solingen, Germany (the famous "City of Blades"), rotates both clockwise and counterclockwise to perform a wide variety of culinary jobs. Going one direction, it chops, grates, grinds, blends and kneads. Or reverse it to gently stir the most delicate ingredients. One blade does it all with no need to stop and swap attachments to get the job done -- or clutter up your kitchen.


Food Blender - Thermomix TM5


From top to bottom, Thermomix ® is designed for maximum ease and efficiency.

In addition to performing a wide variety of culinary tasks, Thermomix is designed for multilevel cooking. You can chop, stir and cook one component in the mixing bowl while gently cooking another in the simmering basket. The three-part Varoma, which sits atop the mixing bowl lid, enables you to cook yet more components separately in its dish and tray.

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Your Thermomix ® comes fully equipped with everything you need to perform the functions of more than twelve kitchen appliances in one, making it extremely powerful and flexible.

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